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Buy Electric Water Heater


 In the cold winter, electric water heaters are indispensable, and showers, dishes, dishes, and laundry are all used by heating the tap water. Electric water heaters do not need to wait, the water is turned on, and the heat is turned on. The whole process requires only two Seconds bring great convenience to fast-paced consumers. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing?

1. See capacity, a family chooses about 50 liters of electric water heater;

2. Looking at the inner liner, the highest grade and the longest lifespan are the stainless steel inner liner, the enamel inner liner, and the galvanized inner liner coated curing resin.

3. Look at energy conservation, generally choose the highest efficiency;

4. Look at the insulation, choose a good insulation effect, the higher the insulation, the better. The main factors affecting the insulation effect are the thickness of the insulation layer and the density of the insulation material. Consumers should try to choose products with large thickness of moisturizing layer and high density of insulation material, which can be selected according to manufacturer's product specifications.

5. Look at safety, choose facilities with multiple safety settings, electric water heaters should generally have device protection, anti-dry, anti-overheating, anti-overpressure devices, high-grade leakage protection and water-free automatic disconnection and additional power failure Indicates function.

6. Look at the appearance, should not choose the bulky, if you want to conceal the installation you must buy and install the bathroom.
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